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An expert in content strategy on social networks, Amélie Ebongué has a detailed knowledge of their uses in communities. She has detailed knowledge of their uses with communities. His real passion is to build a transparent and lasting relationship with brands and their customers through emotions to create more engagements with the products and the necessary stories. Every brand has a story to tell and their job is to achieve that magic through the lens of conversation. She is passionate about the world around us and is passionate about the big changes in our society. Amélie Ebongué guides and observes the trends that have constantly emerged on social networks for ten years. Amélie Ebongué has an understanding of cultural issues that have a strong impact in the current digital landscape. She is able to identify and understand key trends, popular topics including but not limited to sounds, music, effects, memes, hashtags that can give birth to a story on social media . Amélie Ebongué guides, supports and observes the trends that have been emerging on social networks for ten years.

She began her career in 2015, within the historic French prospective office NellyRodi. It deciphers the societal trends that will change the world of tomorrow. She supports brands in the world of luxury, fashion and beauty in the development of their brand platform. Curious to learn from the world leader in hospitality, Amélie brings her expertise to the French hotel group Accor. In 2016, she will lead the entire content strategy for the ibis brand around the world. It will ensure the coherence and the editorial line of the brand through content on social networks in more than 30 countries, or nearly 1,300 hotels around the world.


At the start of 2017, she participated in the launches of the HYPEBEAST and Forbes media on the French market and contributed to their massive development among French-speaking advertisers. Creative and passionate about the brands that shape the world, she collaborates on product launches with the biggest sportswear brands. Shortly after, she was spotted by Audience (TBWA) to design the entire launch strategy for the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone with Antoine Griezmann as the brand's muse at the same time when the Blues were crowned world football champions. Passed by the largest communication groups in the world such as the American advertising agency Young & Rubicam (WPP), Amélie Ebongué is also a speaker and teacher in communication schools in Paris, she transmits her passion for innovation and new formats on social networks.


Teacher in content strategy on social networks, she dispenses her knowledge in several communication schools (INSEEC U., Faculté d'Aix Marseille ...) In June 2020, she becomes ambassador of the social network LinkedIn which identifies her thanks to her newsletter # VousLavezVu launched a few months earlier in March 2020. It will support the growth of the platform on the French market, particularly in the development of stories.  


In 2021, rich in her many professional experiences, Amélie Ebongué released her first book Generation TikTok: A New Eldorado for Brands published in ed. Dunod (Hachette) on October 13, 2021.

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